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Who we are

Stellar Capacity is a knowledge partner for developing digital skills and future-oriented leadership for individuals as well as organizations.

The continuous innovation and development in the technological fields in the world require ongoing competence development. Digital transformation affects entire organizations and today’s leaders must be able to navigate the digital landscape with both technical understanding and insights into leadership, mindset, and human behaviors related to digital transformation. 

We educate by developing specialized programs based on cutting-edge research and insights, targeting the specific organizational needs of our participants. Stellar Capacity’s faculty members are leading economists, technology experts, educators, entrepreneurs, and executives of companies large and small - representing decades of cumulative research and expertise.


Our Founder

Stellar Capacity was founded by Claudia Olsson to provide strategic insight and development for leadership and digital transformation.


While working in both emerging markets and the most high tech areas of the world, Claudia developed an understanding of rapid global and digital change which will require a restructuring of leadership and the development of new skills better suited for a networked and rapidly changing world. Since 2002, she has been sharing her insights and teaching leadership to both companies and individuals, has acted as an expert at the World Economic Forum, YGL, and has advised governments on emerging markets and technologies.

How we teach

Our programs combine case studies and interactive exercises with inspiring lectures and actionable frameworks and tools. Each course module provides an in-depth understanding of a specific aspect of digitalization, enabling the participants to understand more about the latest technology development and to explore how digitalization can impact organizations and leadership.


During our programs, participants are challenged and empowered with new knowledge, inspiration, and the tools needed to achieve their leadership and organizational goals. You will gain knowledge which will benefit the way your teams work, as well as how you interact with clients and partners. Playfulness and creativity are key for successful collaborations and problem solving in the digital era, and you’ll be able to set a new standard for how work and collaboration can be done!


Master new tools for digital transformation and leadership


Cultivate a change mindset for yourself and your team


Drive transformation within your organization 


Undertake continuous learning and encourage creativity and innovation in your own ecosystem


Drive growth for your team and your business

How we teach

Our Mission

Empowering humans to thrive in a digital and connected world.

Our mission

Thought Leadership

Through our faculty, Stellar Capacity has a global presence and the most up-to-date knowledge of research, break-throughs and progress in digitalization. Read our reports, and keep up with the latest news about our programs and faculty.

Our latest publication

A vision for the European Industry until 2030

Co-authored by a panel of experts including Stellar Capacity founder Claudia Olsson, the Vision for European Industry provides independent guidance for the future of EU industry policy decisions. The panel consists of 20 members representing business, traditional and disruptive industries, unions, finance, academia, and the innovation and research community. The report was written after one and a half years of dedicated research by the panel and will help to transform Europe into a role model for the rest of the world.


Read the full report here.

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Thought leadership
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