Customized programs


Stellar Capacity’s customized programs are designed to enable participants to directly implement acquired knowledge, applying new skills to make sense of complex challenges arising in their day to day leadership.

With technology as a basis and people in focus, we converge on what is needed to establish and lead fast-moving, innovative, and high-performing teams in a digital world.




Our customized programs are tailored in context to our participant's present-day situation and their unique potential for organizational development. We offer an assessment that accurately maps the current state of your organizations learning needs and priorities. The results of the assessment will inform the content for our program design and your learning objectives,

making sure that you as a leader will be equipped with the most applicable knowledge to drive digital transformation and innovation within your organization. The future of digital leadership is unlocking skills discovered at the intersection of human and technological abilities. At Stellar Capacity, we refer to these skills as power skills. 


Assessment Process 


of current status


for development


learning needs

Insights from our organizational assessment can be offered as an exclusive service but only serve as the first step when building the foundation of a successful digital transformation. 

Global Outlook  
Exponential technologies 

Leadership and people 

Power Skills

Business transformation
DIgital ambassadorship 
Both profitable opportunities and
immediate threats arise due to 
today's interconnected technology.
The path to organizational success
is therefore reflected in how teams
and leaders are responding
to the ongoing digital transformation. 
Our world-class learning modules
cover key dimensions of this
digital transformation. Delivering
actionable resources and insights
adapted to your potential and 
organizational goals. 
Each learning module are instructed
by domain specialists and 
Teaching on relevant topics such as: 
Changing consumer behaviours, AI,
networked-based business models,
leadership, self-organization
and much more.
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Our Learning Approach

Stellar Capacity designs transformative educational experiences.

Our learning approach is anchored in the combination of knowledge sharing and the use of digital tools, mindset, and strategies, combined with organizations' internal structure. Our programs challenge and enable leaders to actively drive change and contribute to long-term, sustainable growth. 

Impact and follow-up

After the conclusions of the program, participants are debriefed and we discuss the next steps. This could include feedback, dialogue on how can implement new knowledge within your organization framework, or planning for continuous learning.  

” A high-quality program, tailor-made for Trelleborg's most important areas of interest.


The program helped our leadership team explore countless new opportunities and the effects they can have on our business. It gave us important insights and actionable tools to drive innovation in our organization!”

Patrik Romberg,
Senior Vice President, Communications Director, Trelleborg AB

The correlation between digital capabilities and financial performance is highly eminent in today's research and also marks the risk of those who fail to adapt their skills in an environment of constant change and movement.


In order to lead a successful digital transformation, technology itself is never enough.

To unlock its full potential it must be connected with a digital mindset and strategies of active learning, agile processes, creativity and innovation.   

Essential to our programs is therefore the importance of understanding how to grow these Power Skills of leaders and employees in the organization.





Developing a Custom Program

Our iterative process ensures maximum impact and success.

Analysis and digital assessment

During the digital assessment and interview process, the needs of the organization are clearly defined, allowing the formation of a fully customized program.

Design Process

With your organizational needs fully articulated, we move to the design phase, creating customized learning content and choosing the most specialized faculty members for your program. We then present a detailed program proposal. 

Learning Experience

Stellar Capacity delivers a fully tailored program to suit your specific needs. You will begin working closely with your peers and teachers, applying new knowledge almost immediately.

Action Challenges

Each program module includes discussions, challenges, and recommended activities to ensure maximum impact and retention of skills. You will also receive readings and supplemental materials.

After the conclusions of the program, participants are debriefed and we discuss the next steps. This could include feedback, dialogue on how can implement new knowledge within your organization framework, or planning for continuous learning.  


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