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Stellar Capacity offers a diverse range of courses, trainings, seminars and tailor-made programs for organizations and individuals progressing digital transformation. Regardless of where you are at your digital transformation journey, Stellar Capacity can lead you to the next level.


We help you understand the technological advancements and provide you with an understanding of how technology can upgrade your organization. We develop leaders and employees in leadership and digital thinking, aiming to increase opportunities for value creation and growth.


Stellar Capacity provides tools and knowledge to learn, impact and lead in the digital era.

Stellar Executive Program

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Stellar Executive Program

For leaders who think ahead

The program is designed for managers who are leading or developing an organization’s digital processes. The course modules offer an understanding of the various aspects of digital development, enabling the participants to understand more about the latest technology development and to explore how digitalization can impact organizations and leadership. 

The program offers inspiring and informative lectures combined with case studies and interactive exercises. The lectures are given by experts and practitioners in their respective fields as well as leading academics. Start-up entrepreneurs, researchers and thought leaders from various companies share their knowledge and experiences with the participants.

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