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Generative AI Bootcamp

Generative AI as a super tool in practice!

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Exclusive offer
  • Exclusive for Members of Sweden's HR Association: Receive an exclusive 25% discount on the program fee.

  • Exclusive Program Fee for HR Association Members: 12 375 kr (Excl. VAT where applicable)

Regular Program fee:

16 500 kr (Excl. VAT where applicable)

Generative AI in practice


The world is rapidly changing with the transformative power of Generative AI. With its impact on knowledge, creativity, and various other fields, navigating through it all can be overwhelming. With so much to learn and keep up with, it can be challenging to figure out where to start.

This intensive course is designed to give you an understanding of the most important principles of generative AI. Our expert instructors will guide you through several important t and demonstrate how generative AI works in practice.

The bootcamp will allow you to move from a foundational understanding to a practical experience of using these tools for various tasks in the workplace. Our hands-on approach to learning includes testing, practicing, and honing your skills under the guidance of skilled instructors. 

Unleash the Power of Generative AI
Take the leap forward!

Generative AI will transform HR. This powerful technology can:

  • Unlock data-driven decision-making by analyzing vast employee data, unveiling valuable insights, trends, and patterns to guide strategic HR decisions.

  • Personalize employee experiences to enhance engagement and retention, leveraging generative AI algorithms to deliver tailored support, recommendations, and resources.

  • Boost operational efficiency by automating time-consuming HR tasks, including resume screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding processes, freeing up valuable time for HR professionals.

  • Drive proactive talent management and succession planning through predictive workforce analytics generated by generative AI models.

  • Enable continuous learning and upskilling opportunities by utilizing generative AI-powered personalized learning paths.

Are you ready to stay ahead of the curve?


During the bootcamp, you'll learn:

  • How generative AI works.

  • The potential that lies ahead with generative AI while also exploring the associated risks and ethical considerations.

  • The art of prompt engineering.

  • The type of work it can and cannot assist with

  • The main tools available and how they compare to each other.

  • How to practically use these tools to make more informed decisions, increase productivity for yourself and your company, and drive innovation.

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