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Leadership and Disruptive Innovation

Leadership and Disruptive Innovation


Program Content

Spring Enrollment Update:

Our Spring Open Program is now fully booked!

Program fee:

€ 4.995 (Excl. VAT where applicable)

Inquire about special rates for group applications. 

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In the age of accelerating connectivity and digital impact, leaders must learn how to enhance their knowledge and leadership skills. In Stellar Capacity’s Digital Leadership and Disruptive Innovation program, you will gain skills, strategies, and the mindset needed to succeed in a changing digital world.


You will learn the best practices that leaders and organizations can use to adapt to novel ways of working and collaborating, as well as the skills required to drive cultural change and growth within your organization during a period of disruptive innovation. You will gain knowledge from some of the most successful disruptive business models from across the world―and in particular from the Nordics―ranging from Spotify and Mojang to Klarna. After the program, you will be equipped with the vital tools and knowledge to effectively drive change and foster growth in a digital world.


Effective Communication

Great communication is a necessity at any time, but in the age of the digital and remote, it is more vital than ever. Learn what it means to be a fluent digital communicator in order to effectively motivate your team and reach your customers.


From the unicorn factory of Europe

Sweden is well known for its fast-growing start-up ecosystem. We share the know-how and examples from some of the most successful business disruptors in the Nordics, such as Spotify, Mojang, and Klarna.


Developing a digital mindset

Innovative organizations embrace a digital mindset that highlights continuous learning, customer-centricity, and operational agility. Explore ways in which you as a leader can adopt this mindset and inspire your organization.


Disruptive business models

Traditional industries are being challenged by disruptors who reinvent business models and challenge the current modes of operations. Learn the strategies that can help disrupt and transform your organization in times of great change.


Driving creativity and collaboration

Creativity and collaboration are essential for driving growth and business value in the digital age. Learn methods for unleashing creativity, to inspire continuous innovation and ensure collaboration in your team.


Technological tools in practice

Exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are transforming society and business at an increasing pace. Learn how organizations can utilize these technologies to generate growth in the digital age.


Stellar Capacity's programs are powered by our unique methodology which includes:

Interactive learning and neuro-smart anchoring of knowledge to produce learning that lasts over time
”Peer-to-peer learning” – active learning and networking with other participants to deepen as well as broaden the knowledge gained
Practical knowledge on how to immediately apply your newly acquired knowledge within your organization to drive change right away
Insights rooted in the latest research and practical experiences of our world-class faculty


The program’s interdisciplinary faculty from academia, public and private sector, and the startup world shares research, practical examples, and their own experiences to help program participants relate the knowledge to their own organization. Among them are Sweden’s leading researchers in the field of digital transformation as well as experienced and knowledgable change leaders, allowing participants to obtain cutting-edge insights into driving digital change. The following lecturers participate, for example, in several of our programs:

Claudia Olsson.png
Robin Teigland.png
Stefan Ekwall.png

Claudia Olsson

Digital leadership 

and exponential  technologies

Robin Teigland

Networked leadership 

and digital strategy

Stefan Ekwall 

Leadership in self-

organizing teams

Kathryn Myronuk.png
Amer Mohammed.png
Tobias Degsell.png

Kathryn Myronuk 

Innovation and smart behaviours

Amer Mohammed  

Automated organizations 

and disruptive leadership

Tobias Degsell  

Creativity, collaboration

and digital mindset

Program details

Program Details

The next program starts in November 2022.


Leaders aiming to advance their knowledge of disruptive business models and effective leadership in a digital age.


To be at the forefront of the new wave of digital leadership, to make a difference as a leader, and create value and growth within your organization.


Two modules totalling four days.


For more information or further question, please contact our team at

+46 76 020 32 40 or via email at

Faculty Director

Claudia Olsson.png

Faculty Director for the Stellar Executive Program is Claudia Olsson, Founder of Stellar Capacity. Claudia has been appointed as one of Sweden’s most creative minds as well as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.​

Read more about Claudia:


Frequently Asked Questions

I work full time; can I still take this course? When do I need to be available?

You can certainly join the program while working full time, but each program day includes up to 6 hours of live, instructor-led training. Work outside of the live events can be done at any time which suits your schedule. 

Do I receive a diploma after the course?

Participants who complete the course receive a certification from Stellar Capacity, and join the ranks of distinguished alumni from companies like Scania, ABB, Ikea, Volvo Penta, and others. 

I would like my employer to fund my participation. How does this course provide value for my organization?

Many of our participants ask their employers to sponsor their participation; others invest in their education themselves. Inquire with your HR representative or your manager about what programs your organization offers to support learning. The program provides actionable education that you can implement immediately and share with your team, disseminating new knowledge and insights in your network.

Can I attend by myself?

You can of course attend the program by yourself, but it can be beneficial for multiple managers within your organization to attend together as part of a team for driving organizational change. 

What are the qualifications needed to attend?

Ideal candidates will have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, the drive to innovate, and the capability to succeed in a rigorous academic program. Candidates usually hold undergraduate degrees and have at least ten years of working experience, however we will consider candidates without degrees or with fewer years of experience if they have demonstrated exceptional abilities in other endeavors.


Are GMAT scores required?

No. However, we do recommend that you take the GMAT if you believe your academic records do not accurately reflect your current knowledge of quantitative methods.

What happens after I apply?

After you submit your application, a representative from our admissions team will contact you. Upon confirmation of your enrollment, you will receive preparatory material and readings.


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