The Stellar Executive Program

For leaders of digital transformation

Stellar Executive Program

The program is designed for

leaders who strive to adopt a more future-oriented and innovative leadership and who aim to challenge and develop their understanding with regards to technology development, business transformation and organizational change. The program presents insights, knowledge and tools as well as concrete examples that will help you navigate digital change. Through the program, you will also become part of the Exponential network which can continue to support you with insights, knowledge and experience exchange throughout and after the program.

Program Modules

The program consists of the following segments:
Module 1:
Digital transformation - leadership, mindset and cutting edge technology.
  1. Digitalization and impact on organization and society.

  2. Insights around the digital leadership and how one fosters a more digital mindset.

  3. Introduction to emerging technologies – elemental understanding about Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Visualization. 

  4. Concrete examples of how implementation of new business models, systems and digital changes are driven in start-ups, SME’s, and larger corporations. 

  5. Case-studies and interactive group exercises. 

Module 2:
Networked and modern leadership in a digitalised world.
  1. Introduction to the importance of a connected and integrated world for the own organization.

  2. Knowledge about the importance of networks and how an entrepreneurial leadership can be developed and leveraged by an organization. 

  3. Insights about organizational change focusing on the leadership and skills of the future.

  4. Networking and partnership – the way forward for interdisciplinary work that encounters the market of tomorrow. 

  5. Future outlook: how to lead in an international, hyperconnected and digital world.

Program information

The next program starts in October 2020 in Stockholm.

The program consists of two modules.

Module 1: Digital transformation: leadership, mindset and cutting edge technology.
Module 2: Networked and moderns leadership in a digitalised world


Two modules are included in the program;

Fall 2020

Module 1: 20th-21st of October 2020

Module 2: 11th-12th of November 2020

The program takes place in Stockholm in Exponential's teaching facilities and at program partners'.

The program offers





Concrete examples

about what is meant with digitalization and how this development affects the organization and the society.

insights into the latest technological developments, for example Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data, and their potential for different businesses.

on how digitalization is impacting organizations and business models.

of how digitalization is affecting leadership and how you can engage your organization and employees in the digital change.

of digitalization from different operations – tips on how you can change a culture, manage challenges and seize opportunities.


Language: English

The program fee is 47 500 SEK (€ 4 500), ex. VAT if applicable. Meals during scheduled program hours are included. Additional costs for accommodation, food and travel are not included. 


For more information or further questions, please contact our Strategic Learning Manager Camilla Lund by phone +46 (0) 70 100 9172 or through email

Faculty Director for the Stellar Executive Program is Claudia Olsson, Founder and CEO of Exponential AB.

Claudia, named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, shares insights from her experiences as:

 - Member of the Future Council on Values, Ethics and Innovation World Economic Forum, 

- Member of the European Commission Industry 2030 high-level group, 

- Associate Faculty Singularity University.


Read more about Claudia:


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