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11 500 kr (Excl. VAT where applicable)

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Leverage the benefits of remote work and unleash growth

Remote work has become a fact of life for many organizations in the COVID-19 era.

Effective collaboration in a virtual environment is now a requirement for many leaders and employees. Once the crisis passes and workers return to their offices, remote work will continue to play a vital role in day-to-day operation for many, and a new balance between virtual and live work environments will need to be struck.

Stellar Capacity has developed a program consisting of four modules to empower you with effective remote leadership skills to help you inspire, motivate, and coordinate your team efficiently in this new mixed environment and capture the full potential of remote work. Our world-class faculty, who have long been working with and facilitating online leadership and collaboration, will help you learn the mindset, strategies, and techniques to enhance collaboration, structure communication, and create trust and connection for your team in an online setting.

Join the program to get concrete guidance on how you can change your mindset to adapt your leadership to the new remote and online working environment. Learn from our experienced faculty how to overcome common challenges that occur while leading

remotely and get the tools to take your team to the next level in this new work paradigm!

Program Content

Module 1: Elements of Remote Leadership

  • Distinguish the key differences between remote and face-to-face work to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each mode.

  • Assess the impacts and potential benefits of remote work for your team.

  • Learn the key mindset to facilitate and foster good online communication habits that build up confidence and enthusiasm in your colleagues.

  • Become fluent in the language of remote interaction and create strategies for embracing a new paradigm of modern work.

  • Manifest a virtual professionalism for your team through leadership.

Module 2:  Empathy and Compassion in Remote Interactions

  • Recognize the power of leading through empathy in remote work and learn to fulfill the increased human need for motivation in virtual environments.

  • Learn to create a nurturing virtual environment for your colleagues.

  • Practice giving meaningful and welcomed online feedback that builds trust.

  • Improve your ability to have difficult conversations with your team without having the benefit of face-to-face interaction.

Module 3: Efficiency and Productivity Online with Purposeful Communication

  • Discover how to inspire autonomy and self organization in your team.

  • Build up goal planning skills to ensure your team is coordinated and focused on the right tasks.

  • Learn methods to effectively reorient your team to new tasks remotely.

  • Lead with openness to foster a sense of safety and spur collaboration.

  • Master techniques to optimize working time and environments at home to ensure productivity.

  • Discover how good documentation, clear decision-making structures, and transparency can keep your remote team focused and attain their goals.

Module 4: Meaningful Work-life Integration and Sustainable Work Habits

  • Distinguish between work-life balance and work-life integration.

  • Incorporate non-work interactions into your team’s daily practice to build trust and cooperation.

  • Utilize the potential of asynchronous communication to make your interactions flexible and adaptable to your team's differing schedules.

  • Build your team’s ability to network remotely to boost social interaction.

  • Integrate meaningful face-to-face meetings into your team's schedule to strengthen trust and team spirit


The course format ensures maximum impact and knowledge retention

Live Teacher-led Sessions

There are four live sessions, once per week, during the program. You’ll learn from experts who provide inspiration and actionable insight into how you can drive change immediately.

Digital Resources

Each educational module will be accompanied by preparatory readings.

Digital Facilitation Tools

Explore and work with different digital tools for facilitating remote work in order to better understand their applications and observe the benefits they provide in various situations.

Collaboration with Peers

Through peer-to-peer teaching methodology, you will leverage instructions from our faculty alongside the experience from your fellow participants to learn from other industries and organizations. Grow with your peers as you exchange knowledge and strategies from your respective fields to create new uses for your learnings.


Participant Profile

You and your fellow participants share a lot in common: you are leaders seeking to inspire the best from your team remotely while trying to adapt to these new circumstances. You all need to reach goals and targets on time with team members that have varying degrees of technical familiarity, and you are looking to energize and inspire them even though you are all working apart from each other.


This program will help you find the tools and mindset to not only overcome these challenges but leverage the benefits of this new work paradigm to unleash growth. Use the takeaways from our modules to immediately upgrade the effectiveness of your remote interactions, and learn to integrate cutting-edge insights with tried and tested techniques to empower and remotely lead your team compassionately, effectively, and efficiently in virtual and online environments.


Program Details

The next program starts on September 2021.

Time Committment

The program is delivered online. Total time required for live modules will be 3 hours per week.


Next program starts on September 2021.​

For customized programs for your organization contact

Program Fee

11 500 kr excl. VAT where applicable


Inquire about special rates for group applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this program is right for me?

This program is designed for formal and informal leaders with a mission to drive change in their organizations. We focus on the tools and techniques needed to cultivate a change mindset and drive growth.

I work full time; can I still take this course? When do I need to be available?

You can certainly join the program while working full time, but each module includes a live webinar portion. Work outside of the live events can be done at any time which suits your schedule. 

Do I receive a diploma after the course?

Participants who complete the course receive a certification from Stellar Capacity, and join the ranks of distinguished alumni from companies like Scania, ABB, Ikea, Volvo Penta, and others. 

I would like my employer to fund my participation. How does this course provide value for my organization?

Many of our participants ask their employers to sponsor their participation; others invest in their education themselves. Inquire with your HR representative or your manager about what programs your organization offers to support learning. The program provides actionable education that you can implement immediately and share with your team, disseminating new knowledge and insights in your network.

Can I attend by myself?

You can of course attend the program by yourself, but it can be beneficial for multiple managers within your organization to attend together as part of a team for driving organizational change. 

What are the qualifications needed to attend?

Ideal candidates will have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, the drive to innovate, and the capability to succeed in a rigorous academic program. Candidates usually hold undergraduate degrees and have at least ten years of working experience, however we will consider candidates without degrees or with fewer years of experience if they have demonstrated exceptional abilities in other endeavors.


Are GMAT scores required?

No. However, we do recommend that you take the GMAT if you believe your academic records do not accurately reflect your current knowledge of quantitative methods.

What happens after I apply?

After you submit your application, a representative from our admissions team will contact you. Upon confirmation of your enrollment, you will receive preparatory material and readings.


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