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The Stellar Data Visualization Program

Unlock the potential of your data

Stellar Data Visualization

The program is designed for

executives, decision-makers, and leaders who are responsible for data collection, curation, processing, storing and visualizing. With the increasing amount of generated data, it is crucial that leaders leverage the latest tools for visualizing and conveying core concepts, results, progress, and insights.


This program offers methods for sharing complex data through visually engaging methods, images and powerful presentations. The Stellar Data Visualization Program equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools to leverage data assets and to effectively convey their message.


As we say: a compelling graph says more than a thousand words!

Program Modules

The program outline is:
Day 1:

Introduction to data visualization. Dataset discussions, groups formations and development of project plans.

Day 2:

Overview of tools (Excel, Google Spreadsheets, D3, Json) and introduction to agile development, and extreme programming. The teams will start working on their projects.

Day 3:

Preparations for the final presentation - working in groups, giving and receiving feedback. Reflections, results from the workshop and action plans for the future.

Program information


The program is designed for executives, decision-makers and leaders who are responsible for data collection, curation, processing, storing and visualizing; who use and analyze data at work.


No prior knowledge is required.

Introduction to data visualization, presentation of key tools and selected methods.


Insights into effective data communication tools.


The dates of the program will be released soon.


The program will take
place at the Visualization Studio (VIC) in Stockholm.

Lindstedtsvägen 5,
KTH Campus


During the program the participants learn:

  • to develop strategies for creating effective data visualizations and data stories

  • how to think about data and the visual communication of data

  • how to choose the right chart or visual representation for their data

  • to enhance storytelling with data to comprehend the scope of a data visualization problem

  • to understand the affordances and limitations of the state of- the-art data visualization tools

  • to understand trade-offs between licensing and developing visualization tools

  • to identify and communicate data patterns to apply tools to improve the communication internally in your organization and with external stakeholders.


Language: English​

The program fee is 49 000 SEK ex. VAT if applicable. Meals during scheduled hours are included. Additional costs for accommodation, food and travel are not included.

For more information or further questions, you can contact our team at 



Program Director for the Stellar Data Visualization Program is Björn Thuresson. Björn is the manager of the Visualisation Studio (VIC) which specializes in research and development of advanced graphics, interaction and visualization. Björn has a background from journalism, IT-management, software development and communication.


Program Coordinator for the Stellar Data Vizualization Program is Claudia Olsson.

Claudia Olsson is the CEO of Stellar Capacity. Claudia is an Associate Faculty

at the Singularity University and a member of the European Commission

High-level Industry 2030 roundtable. Read more about Claudia here:

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