Leadership Program

Stellar Executive Program

Leading change in a digital world

Module 1: 6th-7th April 

Module 2: 4th-5th May

On campus
Stockholm, Sweden
Get actionable insights on how to drive and lead change

How you benefit from the program

The program provides:

  • Understanding on becoming more effective in your digital leadership

    • Concrete examples from successful change initiatives

    • Approaches to engage and motivate management and teams in a change process.

  • Knowledge about the latest technological development – fundamental understanding of the many applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and Blockchain, among others.

  • Insights into driving cultural change and fostering a digital mindset within the organization.

  • Understanding how to form, develop, and lead self-organizing teams.

  • Knowledge about digital development internationally, e.g. China, and its impact on their own organization.

  • Skill in the use of communication for change management and development.

  • A unique network of former alumni, faculty, and other delegates, from a wide range of industries and occupations for an exchange of experience both during and after the program.

Our learning approach

Interactive learning through lectures and workshops

Knowledge sharing between delegates

Neuro-smart anchoring of knowledge

Program as a catalyst


The program’s interdisciplinary faculty from academia, public and private sector, and the startup world share research, practical examples, and their own experiences which help program participants relate the knowledge to their own organization. 

The faculty includes some of Europe's most prominent voices within digitalization. Among them are Sweden’s leading researchers in the field of digital transformation as well as experienced and knowledgable change leaders, allowing participants to get cutting-edge insights into driving digital change.


Robin Teigland

Networked leadership and digital strategy


Stefan Ekwall

Leadership in self-organizing teams


Anna Gullstrand

Change management and neurosmart learning


Claudia Olsson

Technological advancements and leadership


Amer Mohammed

Automated organizations and disruptive leadership

Program details

The next program starts in April 2022 in Stockholm.


Managers, decision-makers and informal leaders who strive to develop their leadership in a digital era.


To develop a more effective and impactful leadership style in a digital world.


Two sessions totalling four days in Stockholm, Sweden.

Spring 2022

Module 1: 6th-7th April 

Module 2: 4th-5th May


Karin Gustafsson

Portfolio Manager

Digital Transformation, Scania

The content of the program is top-notch, focusing on organizational best practices, grounded in the latest research, and delivered through knowledgeable and engaging faculty! I think you should definitely enroll in the program if you're curious to learn about different technologies, their impact on organizations as well as how you can play a key role as a leader in actually driving that change!


Emelie Falk

Program Manager, Vinnova

Stellar Executive Program Participant 2019

If you want to expand your ability to drive digital change, this is a program for you! The faculty provided us with actionable insights on how to drive change through self-organization, co-creation and networked leadership. We also learned how to create engaging environments for experimentation, continuous learning, and innovation - key elements in order to enable people to accomplish great things together.

IMG_5283 (4) (1).JPG

Roger Centervall

CIO, Lärarförbundet

Stellar Executive Program Participant 2019

What struck me was the power of working with networked leadership; not underestimating the power of your network can help you reach your goals and your purpose. Many organizations and “experts” talk about digital transformation, but the Stellar Executive Program is based on scientific studies, cases, and best practices. Learning from actual experiences, rather than opinions, makes a huge difference. I believe that all people in executive roles need to hear and learn what I have during this program.


A program focused on the how of digital transformation.

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Faculty Director

Faculty Director for the Stellar Executive Program is Claudia Olsson, Founder of Stellar Capacity. Claudia has been appointed as one of Sweden’s most creative minds as well as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.​

Read more about Claudia:


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