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Skills and leadership for a digital future

Stellar Capacity is an education company focusing on developing digital skills and future-oriented leadership for individuals as well as organizations. The blend of expert faculty, change leadership, partnerships, and highly-specialized content in our programs make Stellar Capacity programs an unparalleled learning experience, and a leading choice among companies and individuals seeking to drive organizational change and success. 


We provide practical, actionable insights for digital transformation and beyond. Wherever you are in your transformation journey, Stellar Capacity can help you reach the next level.

Stellar Executive Program

Build essential skills for driving business model transformation and learn how to lead more efficiently in a digital world. Create a profound impact by shaping a culture of digital growth and innovation in your organization.

Upcoming programs:

Spring 2023 (in Swedish): 19-20 April, 10-11 May

Fall 2023 (in Swedish): 24-25 October, 14-15 November

Spring 2024 (in English): 20-23 February 2024

Elevate your digital leadership

In this immersive program, our world-class faculty guides you through live webinars, case studies, and customized material to prepare you for taking the lead in enabling and driving digital growth.


Develop your digital leadership, learn how to leverage your ecosystem through a networked leadership, and how to cultivate a culture with connected and motivated team members in order for you and your organization to achieve your goals!

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Our faculty are world-leading
business thinkers

Our faculty are our greatest asset, combining excellence in both research and teaching, and supporting Stellar's reputation as a leader in education for the digital world.

Will you join our distinguished alumni?
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Insights from Stellar Faculty

Our faculty provide fresh insights and cutting-edge research, leading the way in creativity and innovation.

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Join one of our interdisciplinary programs to develop the leadership and management skills you need for the future. 

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