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Research & Analysis

Cutting-edge insights for successful digital transformation

At Stellar Capacity, we power our programs and advisory services by carrying out cutting-edge research into four main topics: future society, emerging technologies, new work & industry models, and digital leadership.


Through our research, we not only uncover the trajectories that technology and digitization will take in the future, but we highlight the importance of human interaction and cooperation within the context of these accelerating trends, and the role that leadership has in ensuring that organizations can adapt and thrive in changing circumstances. Stellar Capacity’s research pushes the frontlines of the dialogue around digital transformation and uncovers new growth opportunities embedded in the potential disruptions caused by accelerating technological change.

A selection of our recent publications


A Vision for the European Industry until 2030


Established by the European Commission, the high-level roundtable for Industry 2030 brought together some of the top experts and industry leaders to discuss how European Industry not only remains competitive in the coming decade and beyond but utilizes the power of new technologies and workforms to power growth and leapfrog beyond competitors. Examining the various challenges facing a variety of industries, the roundtable group produced the White Paper Vision for European Industry 2030 which laid out clear policy suggestions around the issue of technology and industry to allow European industry to excel in the years ahead.

Scenario Sweden 2030


In a thorough future mapping study with the Digitalization Commission established by the Government of Sweden, our founder Claudia Olsson explored a possible future scenario for Sweden in the year 2030 based on continuing digitalization of infrastructure, industry, and society. The study clarified what potential benefits may exist for Swedish society and business if digitalization is fully realized, giving leaders and policy makers valuable strategic guidance on how to reach the potential of a successful digital Sweden.

Vision Sverige Hres.png

Blockchain - Decentralized Trust


Stellar Capacity carried out one of the first and most in-depth studies of the potential of blockchain technology and its potential impacts for society and business. This was done in cooperation with the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Sweden’s leading forum for entrepreneurship and innovation.


The resulting report provides an analysis of the function, applications, and future political and economic implications of blockchain technology. The report gave clear explanations of the uses and potential of blockchain as well as insights for business leaders on how to develop the technology for

use in their industries.

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