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Why join Stellar Capacity?

At Stellar Capacity, we are always looking for new and passionate talents to join our driven, results-oriented team. You will be challenged to drive real change from day one while working with some of the most impactful and influential companies and organizations in Europe and around the world. Here are some things that you will enjoy as part of our Stellar team:

  • An entrepreneurial environment where all ideas are welcome

  • An atmosphere of continuous learning and development

  • Opportunities to achieve change with major, impactful clients

  • Collaborative and fun colleagues - we believe teamwork is key

  • Our inspiring and extensive professional network

Why to join SC
Working a SC

What is it like to work at Stellar Capacity?

Image by Janita Sumeiko
Stellar Capacity is a place where your work matters. No day is the same, and each day is full with new learnings. You get the opportunity to work with great colleagues and some of the most brilliant minds in the world (members of our faculty). I love what I do, and I love who I do it for!

Vasia Vasilopoulou,

Deputy CEO

Image by Paweł Czerwiński
Being part of Stellar Capacity means I'm helping to drive real change and impact at every level of our clients’ organization. Through the research our team generates, we help our clients to transform their business processes and leverage exponential technologies by putting people and digital leadership at the core of their transformation. It’s so rewarding to work on constantly challenging yet exciting topics that brings such great impact to our clients.

Peng Wu,

Program Director of Research

Image by Ronald Cuyan
Working at Stellar Capacity means learning something new every day, striving for an important mission and making great things happen with the best team!

Erik Sundberg,

Program Advisor/ Account Manager

Current Opportunities

Current Openings
Chief Storyteller


Are you interested in internship opportunities at Stellar Capacity?

Explore our open internship positions here.

Our vision

A future where humans have become more digital and digital has become more human.

Our vision

Our Culture

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