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Future Foresight Program

Navigating uncertainty with confidence

Next Program

October 9-11, 2024


Stockholm, Sweden

The program spans three

days inStockholm.

Program fee:

49 000 kr (excl. VAT where applicable)


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Future Foresight

In today's fast-paced, ever-evolving business landscape, the ability to anticipate the future is indispensable for visionary leaders. The Future Foresight program provides you with the foresight and strategic perspective to identify emerging trends and opportunities on the horizon.


Through strategic foresight, you'll develop the skills to spot emerging trends, recognize untapped potential, and chart a strategic course for your organization. You'll learn to envision alternative scenarios and make informed decisions that align with the future, rather than merely reacting to change. This program equips you with the tools to drive innovation, capitalize on disruption, and actively shape the trajectory of your industry.


Equipped with future foresight, you'll be able to lead with confidence, make bold moves, and position your organization to thrive.


Who should attend?

  • Strategic Professionals seeking to navigate the future landscape with precision.

  • Business Leaders & Specialists aiming to innovate and thrive in dynamic environments.

  • Visionaries who envision opportunities beyond conventional boundaries.

  • Those seeking fresh perspectives to revolutionize their approach to decision-making.

What you will learn

Embracing future foresight isn't just about staying relevant—it's about thriving in an ever-evolving world.
By investing in foresight, you can proactively anticipate challenges, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and foster innovation.

By the end of the program you will be able to:
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Master foreseeing industry trends, drivers, and pivotal forces.

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Articulate foresight with clarity and conviction to gain stakeholder trust.

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Engage in a strategic scenario planning for risk assessment and opportunity identification.

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Foster seamless collaboration across diverse teams to enhance foresight abilities.

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Immerse in handson simulations and challenges for confident future foresight.

Utilize cutting-edge data analysis and predictive techniques for informed decision-making.

Meet our faculty

Learn from visionary thinkers and thought leaders shaping the future of foresight. Our esteemed faculty includes renowned experts with diverse backgrounds and expertise who will inspire you to challenge assumptions, explore alternative futures, and drive impactful change within your organization. Below are examples of the distinguished thought leaders who have previously lectured in the program.

What our Alumni have to say

"The program provided unparalleled insights into future trends, with discussions on crucial topics relevant to today's evolving landscape. Engaging with diverse professionals from various industries enriched my understanding, making these three days an invaluable step forward in grasping the future."


Tove Lindblad, Business Development Lead, Trimble

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Take the next step & shape the future

The Future Foresight Program equips you to:
  • Gain strategic foresight.

  • Learn to monitor trends, prevent risks, and responsibly navigate technology's impact.

  • Understand how you can mitigate risks and build great resilience in the organization while capturing the opportunities the future brings.

  • Develop the skills to pioneer solutions and business models for today’s and tomorrow's challenges.

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