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Develop your people, transform your organization.

Our programs are designed to empower you as a leader with the right strategies and tools to drive internal change, digital transformation and growth. Our programs equip you with practical knowledge and innovation expertise to excel in a fast-moving digital world.

Rapid transformation and technological advancements are disrupting nearly every industry while globalization increases our interconnectedness and the local impacts of global events. To stay ahead, it is crucial to develop leadership skills for the digital era and to continuously update your knowledge, network, and tools to create impact.


Program formats


Identification of your individual needs to pinpoint areas of potential and illuminate your best path forward.

Digitalization involves much more than the technology itself. In many cases, skills and knowledge linked to system-wide understanding and human behavior are the most central to a successful transformation. To implement a successful learning journey and boost collaboration internally, we offer an assessment for your organization to customize the program content.


Our programs are designed to empower you as a leader with the right strategies and tools to drive internal change, digital transformation, and growth. Our programs equip you with practical knowledge and innovation expertise to excel in a fast-moving digital world. 


Together, we link the training program to internal change initiatives with the goal of accelerating digital productivity and contributing to long-term, successful, and sustainable growth. The training programs are designed in close collaboration with your organization to best integrate strategy, technology, working methods, leadership, and business processes.


A Digital Mindset program enables all employees to update their digital skills and develop a more future-oriented mindset. The programs help to broadly anchor and inspire a digital mindset and a learning culture within organizations where the aim is to increase digital maturity internally, stimulate creativity, and contribute to increased innovation power and collaboration. The program is designed to create the prerequisite for effective digital skills development and establishes a natural foundation for the organization's digital development.


Online programs for teams provide unique learning opportunities for cohorts within organizations to learn together in a digital environment, providing each other with feedback and focusing the experience on their understanding of the organizational objectives. Our extensive range of online programs for teams includes agile and digital mindset development, digital facilitation in an online world, remote leadership, and innovation and co-creation in virtual environments.


Our Learning Approach

Stellar Capacity designs transformative educational experiences that teach leaders how to drive organizational change and create value through innovation. With our global faculty of experts, we teach cutting edge, actionable insights. 


Our learning approach is anchored in the combination of knowledge sharing and the use of digital tools, mindset, and strategies, combined with organizations' internal structure. Our programs challenge and enable leaders to actively drive change and contribute to long-term, sustainable growth.


Developing a Custom Program

Our iterative process ensures maximum impact and success.

Analysis and digital assessment

During the digital assessment and interview process, the needs of the organization are clearly defined, allowing the formation of a fully customized program.

Design Process

With your organizational needs fully articulated, we move to the design phase, creating customized learning content and choosing the most specialized faculty members for your program. We then present a detailed program proposal. 

Learning Experience

Stellar Capacity delivers a fully tailored program to suit your specific needs. You will begin working closely with your peers and teachers, applying new knowledge almost immediately.

Action Challenges

Each program module includes discussions, challenges, and recommended activities to ensure maximum impact and retention of skills. You will also receive readings and supplemental materials.

Impact follow-up

After the conclusion of the program, participants are debriefed and we discuss next steps. This could include feedback, discussion of how you can implement new knowledge within your organizational framework, or planning for continuous learning.

” A high-quality program, tailor-made for Trelleborg's most important areas of interest.


The program helped our leadership team explore countless new opportunities and the effects they can have on our business. It gave us important insights and actionable tools to drive innovation in our organization!”

Patrik Romberg,
Senior Vice President, Communications Director, Trelleborg AB

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