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Leadership for Digital Growth in Disruptive Times


Leadership for Digital Growth in Disruptive Times


Program Content

5 weeks

Program fee:

12 500 kr (Excl. VAT where applicable)

Inquire about special rates for group applications 

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Driving Change with Effective Leadership

As we undergo one of the most disruptive events of our lifetimes, everyone will be challenged to step up and find new ways to define, enable, and drive growth through exceptional leadership. Just as previous world crises brought about some of the largest and most impactful new ventures and business ideas, this too is a time of opportunity!


In this 5-week intensive program, our world-class faculty guides you through live webinars, case studies, and customized material to prepare you for taking the lead in enabling and driving growth. You will learn both from some of the Nordics’ and Silicon Valley’s most renowned speakers and thinkers but also from practitioners who will share their insights and approaches for enabling fast growth. 


You will learn how to transform your business model, how to make use of your ecosystem through a networked leadership, and how to cultivate a culture with connected and motivated team members.

During this transformative learning experience, you will also develop a deeper understanding of the challenges leaders face today and improve your leadership capabilities for a time of rapid change and growth, allowing you to innovate faster. By the end of the course, you will have learned how to design the next steps for yourself and your organization and business.

Program Content

Module 1: Leadership for a time of unprecedented opportunities

  • Understand opportunities for growth presented during disruptive times

  • ​Learn about the potential for growth when organizational structures are being challenged and rapidly changed

  • Understand the role of the leader in enabling growth and challenging established structures 

  • Develop sense-making skills to adjust your leadership for the new environment

Module 2: Understanding the Elements of Disruption

  • Understand different aspects of disruption and the changing market conditions they create

  • Learn about the interconnectedness of local, regional, and global events and become better at assessing the impact of disruption

  • Understand the impact and potential of exponential technologies on businesses (i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technologies, Quantum Computing)

  • Understand what is required from you as leader to predict, prevent, and mitigate the effects of disruptive events

Module 3: Business Model Reinvention in a Networked World

  • Understand how business model transformation can help your business to stay relevant in a more connected world

  • Learn how to transform your value chain from pipe-line to platform.

  • Explore how to leverage your ecosystem through platform based business models

  • Understand how to leverage technological developments i.e. artificial intelligence to transform your business model

  • Learn new approaches to scale your business

Module 4: Driving Innovation for Growth

  • Learn methodologies to reinvent, expand, or pivot your business model based on shifting market trends

  • Understand methods for rapid prototyping and ideation

  • Explore tools and frameworks for developing services (service design)

  • Learn about how scenario planning can serve as a tool for innovative development

  • Leverage your data in the innovation-process to meet customer needs 

  • Increase your ability to innovate when faced with changing and disruptive effects

Module 5: Extraordinary Leadership for Exceptional Times

  • Learn how to become a more effective leader in times of change

  • Understand how to create psychological safety and openness to change

  • Understand what it takes to inspire a growth mindset for your team.

  • Learn how to facilitate a collaborative environment

  • Understand how to inspire self- organization, and agility through your leadership 

  • Develop skills to successfully lead in a network


The course format ensures maximum impact and knowledge retention

Live Teacher-led Sessions

There are five live sessions, once per week, during the program. You’ll learn from experts who provide inspiration and actionable insight into how you can drive change immediately.

Digital Resources

Each educational module will be accompanied by preparatory readings.

Insight-provoking Challenges

Solidify your knowledge with new challenges each week. Put new information into practice immediately and start driving change.

Collaboration with Peers

Your weekly challenges can be completed solo or through collaboration with your peers, giving you the opportunity to share knowledge and build your network. Share and receive feedback to help you improve as a change leader.


Participant Profile

Your peers in this course are a lot like you – inspired and determined to lead change from within their organizations, but each with a unique story, background, and well of knowledge and experience to share. Whether you are a formal or informal leader doesn’t matter so much as your commitment to transformational leadership and becoming a force for driving growth. 


The program is geared toward leadership and creating change, for leaders who recognize the challenges in their industry and know that their business needs to transform. Our participants are diverse and often include CEOs, Strategists, Managers, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries, all dedicated to learning and building a change mindset together.

Participant Profile

Program Details

Time Commitment

The program is delivered online. Besides the five live teacher-led sessions, you are expected to dedicate 3-4 hours per week for assignments, group discussions, and individual work.


Next program starts in May 2022.​

For customized programs for your organization contact

Program Fee

12 500 kr excl. VAT where applicable


Inquire about special rates for group applications.

Program details

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this program is right for me?

This program is designed for formal and informal leaders with a mission to drive change in their organizations. We focus on the tools and techniques needed to cultivate a change mindset and drive growth.

I work full time; can I still take this course? When do I need to be available?

You can certainly join the program while working full time, but each module includes a live webinar portion. Work outside of the live events can be done at any time which suits your schedule. 

Do I receive a diploma after the course?

Participants who complete the course receive a certification from Stellar Capacity, and join the ranks of distinguished alumni from companies like Scania, ABB, Ikea, Volvo Penta, and others. 

I would like my employer to fund my participation. How does this course provide value for my organization?

Many of our participants ask their employers to sponsor their participation; others invest in their education themselves. Inquire with your HR representative or your manager about what programs your organization offers to support learning. The program provides actionable education that you can implement immediately and share with your team, disseminating new knowledge and insights in your network.

Can I attend by myself?

You can of course attend the program by yourself, but it can be beneficial for multiple managers within your organization to attend together as part of a team for driving organizational change. 

What are the qualifications needed to attend?

Ideal candidates will have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, the drive to innovate, and the capability to succeed in a rigorous academic program. Candidates usually hold undergraduate degrees and have at least ten years of working experience, however we will consider candidates without degrees or with fewer years of experience if they have demonstrated exceptional abilities in other endeavors.


Are GMAT scores required?

No. However, we do recommend that you take the GMAT if you believe your academic records do not accurately reflect your current knowledge of quantitative methods.

What happens after I apply?

After you submit your application, a representative from our admissions team will contact you. Upon confirmation of your enrollment, you will receive preparatory material and readings.

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