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Alumni highlight - Epiroc

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration have become essential for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve. This case study will explore some of the initiatives at Epiroc, driven by the work of its Global Innovation Enabler Sisirnath Sangireddy and his applied learnings from the Stellar Executive Program.

Key learnings from Stellar Executive Program

Sisirnath joined Epiroc in 2018 as a Creative Lead for Interaction Design at its Örebro location, but since 2022 has taken up the challenge of working cross-functionally across the organization to activate and enable innovation at all levels. In 2023, he was nominated by a senior colleague to attend the Stellar Executive Program hosted by Stellar Capacity. This is a 4-day high-impact learning experience that combines deep insights into cutting edge technologies alongside practical knowledge of emerging organizational trends and leadership in a constantly changing world.

“The Stellar Executive Program deeply resonated with the key Epiroc vision of "daring to think new"

Many of Sisirnath’s takeaways from the Stellar Executive Program deeply resonated with the Epiroc vision of "daring to think new" in order to cultivate a workforce that’s eager to pioneer groundbreaking solutions and services. Looking back at the program, Sisirnath said, "the course really helped us improve in crucial areas like creativity and teamwork, which are vital for innovation, and gave deep insights into the latest developments in technology and organizational culture.”

Peng Wu - Stellar Executive Program

Stellar Capacity's Director of Research Peng Wu during the Stellar Executive Program..

The inception of Epirocs Foster Program

Sisirnath has always been a firm believer in the importance of having an innovative mindset. This led him two years ago to found the Fosters program, an internal initiative within Epiroc that aims to empower individuals in their communications so they are able to more effectively collaborate, influence and share ideas. Sisirnath applied  key learnings about creativity and agile organizations to the Fosters program in order to empower new thinking and experimentation among the participants.

"Adopting a decentralized approach facilitated collaborations across the globe propelled the Foster program to new heights," Sisirnath reflected. "It allowed us to highlight within Epiroc that the cornerstone of driving innovation lies in our ability to collaborate and clearly communicate our ideas to others.”

At the same time, Sisirnath launched a celebration of creativity and innovation within Epiroc, drawing inspiration from the Stellar Executive Program's focus on the value of networks over hierarchical structures. This event assembled a diverse group of speakers and attracted significant participation within Epiroc, highlighting the strength of collaboration and networking.

“Driving innovation lies in our ability to collaborate and clearly communicate our ideas to others.”

The ripple effect of Sisirnath's endeavors has been transformative, fostering a more dynamic and inclusive dialogue within Epiroc. Despite encountering obstacles, particularly in navigating the intricacies of a large organization, Sisirnath utilized the essential competencies he refined, shifting the narrative from "decentralized" to "diverse and inclusive." This strategy successfully addressed the challenges, creating an environment where every individual's unique perspective contributes to a collective innovation.

Diversity is our strength

Looking to the future, Sisirnath aspires for these initiatives to become even more embedded in Epiroc’s ethos, fueling its accelerating transformation. For the company, the journey towards cultivating an environment of innovation and flexibility is one of its top priorities, and dovetails with its strong commitment to diversity.

"As a global organization, Epiroc embodies and is empowered by the diversity of its many employees across the world.” Sisirnath explains. “This diversity is a central strength that needs to be activated with collaboration and fearless communication to supercharge innovation."

Sisirnath’s path through Epiroc and the continued success of the Foster program highlights the power of his curiosity and his passion for lifelong learning and innovation. Applying the more holistic view of how to navigate change that he learned at the Stellar Executive Program, Sisirnath is better equipped than ever to navigate the increasing changes brought about by digital shifts, geopolitics and a world in flux. He is ready to challenge the future and inspire a new cohort of leaders around Epiroc and beyond to stay curious, creative, and ready to learn and do!

More voices from Epiroc on the Stellar Executive Program

“I was inspired and catalyzed by this program. (It) gives a holistic view of digital transformation, covering for example strategy, people, culture and organisation, design, and ethics, going deeper into specific digital technologies. The program had top experts complemented by different forms of interaction between participants from diverse fields and backgrounds to maximize learning.”

Nadim Penser, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Epiroc

“(The program) definitely raised many interesting questions about what is to come and what we need to address, for example regarding digital literacy, data driven decision making, ethical and responsible use of technology and how it affects our daily decisions, business performance and life. Really inspiring lectures and fun activities that enable networking with colleagues from other companies.”

Lourdes Rodriguez, Vice President Human Resources Parts and Services Divisions, Epiroc Group


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