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Stellar Future Foresight Program highlighted in Dagens Industri

Our Future Foresight Program, which successfully launched its first cohort in March, has just been featured in Dagens Industri (Sweden’s main business magazine). In the article, our CEO and founder Claudia Olsson discusses how the program is designed to equip leaders with the necessary skills to anticipate and leverage emerging trends and opportunities and prepare their organizations for the future.

As markets shift, technologies evolve, and consumer behaviors change, forward-thinking leaders recognize the need to anticipate and prepare for what lies ahead. Prepared with future foresight, you'll be able to lead with confidence, make bold moves, and position your organization to thrive.

"Future foresight isn't about being able to predict the future, as no one can do that. It's about working with future scenarios based on trends, signals, and unusual patterns to prevent risks and capitalize on new opportunities." says Claudia Olsson. 

Access the full interview here


Our Future Foresight alumni were interviewed as well to share some of their insights and perspectives from the program as well as the importance of working with Future Foresight:

Stefan Andersson at Saab Strategy and Technology: read here

Emma Henriksson, Manager of Innovation at Skandia Fastigheter: read here


Contact us if you would like to know more about our programs and one of our program advisors will get in touch!

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