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Tobias Degsell

 Founder and CEO -  Combiner

Areas of Expertise

Creativity  •  Collaboration  •  Learning Organisations  •  Problem solving

areas of expertise

About Tobias

Tobias Degsell likes data, views the world in patterns, and is gifted with brilliantly explaining complex things in simpler words. Besides being labeled as a Gold Finder by one of the Big Five Tech Companies, Tobias is often called a Change Maker, Collaboration Evangelist, and a Thought Leader. 


Before founding his company Combiner, Tobias worked as a curator at the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm. For years, he studied all the Nobel Laureates, trying to understand how they developed their ideas into reality. Nowadays, he helps companies and organizations all over the world to think and act new. He loves to inspire diverse teams as well as advises them on how to face reality, problem-solving, and developing innovative solutions. 


A staunch believer in bridges, Tobias feels satisfied if he could add at least one “brick” to a bridge that helps span a gap somewhere. He also asserts that we need more people who will dare to think and act in new ways, with actions rooted in Collaboration, Diversity, and Trust.


Tobias Degsell has given hundreds of keynote speeches over the past decade. He has been to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, and has worked with companies, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, ETH, Lufthansa, the Swedish Central Bank, Roche, University of Virginia, the World Economic Forum, to name a few.


Speaking Topics

  • Combining data for ideas

  • From idea to reality

  • Words, truth, and trust

  • Importance of creativity for innovation

  • Digital transformation for society

Speaking topics
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