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Chief Storyteller

Technological development is accelerating and change is happening fast.

At Stellar Capacity, we help leaders and organizations prepare for that change by charging them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a fast moving digital future where continuous learning and the ability to adapt is key.


We are a leading education company with focus on future skills and transformative educational experiences that teach leaders how to excel in a fast-moving digital world. With our global faculty of experts, we challenge and enable leaders to actively drive change and contribute to long-term, sustainable growth


Do you believe in the power of a compelling story? Are you eager to contribute to the development of a global brand for a company making a real impact? If so, you might be the one we've been searching for!


Role Description:

As Chief Storyteller, you will be essential in conveying and communicating our company's important mission, work and values through powerful stories. You will be showcasing our programs' transformative impact as well as positioning us as a thought leader, highlighting our own research and cutting edge knowledge. We are currently undertaking a brand transformation journey and you will be a key team player in defining the essence of our brand through texts, visuals and other media.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Showcasing our educational programs' transformative impact through powerful stories

  • Writing/creating Linkedin posts, blog posts, instagram stories etc

  • Developing cutting edge, thought provoking storytelling assets (website copy, articles, blogposts, marketing materials, case studies etc)

  • Elevating our brand's narrative and reach as a thought leader 

  • Contributing to lead generation and employer branding



  • Writing Expertise: Excellent command of Swedish and English, with impeccable grammar and versatile writing style.

  • Storytelling Prowess: Expertise in creating captivating stories, character development, and engaging dialogue.

  • Strong Portfolio: A diverse collection of successful storytelling projects.

  • Effective Communicator: Clarity in verbal communication and active listening.

  • Team Player: Strong collaboration skills and openness to feedback.

  • Adaptable Mindset: Flexibility in meeting project needs and deadlines.

  • Problem Solver: Innovative thinking in narrative challenges.

The following qualifications are a plus:

  • Experience in video editing, social media post design, photography, and PR.

  • Strong understanding of data analytics.

Why Join Us:

  • Shape the narrative of a future leader in a digital world. 

  • Collaborate with a dynamic, innovative team that is committed to creating something that genuinely makes a difference in the world.

  • Contribute to a culture that is truly valuing education, continuous learning and the power of storytelling.

  • Be part of building something really special!

How to Apply:

Send your resume, cover letter, and storytelling portfolio to with the subject: “Chief Storyteller”


Join us in unleashing positive change and creating a world where knowledge and skills thrive alongside technology.

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