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Areas of Expertise

Network and Computing Systems  •  Robocars  •  Software Development 

areas of expertise

About Brad

Brad is a Canadian software developer, most notably known as the founder and software architect of ClariNet Communications Corp., the world’s first-ever “.com” company, founded to engage in a business endeavor in the early internet days. After selling the company in 1997, Brad ventured into newer fields. He played a crucial role in the creation of "rec.humor.funny", a moderated newsgroup devoted to comedy. He also founded another company named Topica and Investment, and since then, has been an advisor for several startups.


Between 2000 and 2010, he was the chairman (now Chairman Emeritus) of Electronic Frontier Foundation, a company that safeguards liberties and privacy in cyberspace. He was also a board member of the non-profit Foresight Nanotech Institute, a leading advocacy and watchdog group for molecular nanotechnology, founded in 1986.


Currently, Brad is working as a consultant on robotic cars and actively guides the teams building them at Google (now Waymo). He is also on the technical advisory board of BitTorrent Inc., one of the most popular large-file publishing software on the net. He is the founding faculty and Chair of Computing and Networks for Singularity University.  Since 2004 he has been a board member of the Foresight Institute, one of the eminent organizations in the field of Nanotechnology and other emerging technologies, and is also a technical advisor to delivery robot company Starship Technologies, NewAer, and Quanergy (found it under his biography on eff’s website, but not on his webpage).


Speaking Topics

  • Networks and Computing

  • Self-Driving Cars changing the world

  • Bitcoin disruption of the finance industry

  • Surveillance Society

Speaking topics
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